Guided by my love for traditional design, I cut reed and make craft kits to help you create happy and interesting free time.

Himmeli Crafting since 2013

My father led me to making reed crowns. Filling leisure time with meaningful moments, figuring out and enjoying things. This was the beginning of the desire to create something special and to share it with other interested people.

My Story

I made my first himmeli with my father and probably I was 11 years old. I have always liked crafting and I still remember this good feeling when I finished another himmeli crown. It was no longer a boring piece of paperwork but something more meaningful…

The time has passed, but making himmeli crowns still relates to quality time. In 2013, I took part in the design competition “To the Roots of Estonia” and was among the best there. Since then, I’ve cut more reeds for others than for myself. I like to offer others this great opportunity to spend their free time together making himmeli crowns!

What does himmeli mean?

The name himmeli comes from the Swedish word for heaven and is used to denote a popular reed Christmas decoration in the Nordic countries. Crowns made from reeds are beautiful to look at, hanging over the dinner table during the holidays, and in the old days it was believed that the bigger the crown, the bigger the next year’s crop.

Now there are also air plants in stores that fit well into the himmeli crowns and are used throughout the year as decoration in the room.