Big reed crowns

Building big himmelis made from reed.

Big reed crowns

Making reed crowns is about filling leisure time with figuring out and enjoying things. To make this more challenging, we like to build extra big reed crowns.

Planning to set new record

Current record holder in reed crown building is lithuanian Raimundas Rotkevičius. He created ornament measured 1.64 m³ (57.91 ft³) in Subartėnai, Lithuania, on 31 March 2016. Lithuanian himmeli ornament structure was made from pieces of straw in three-dimensional geometric arrangements.

Liina Veskimägi-Iliste from The Estonian Folk Art, Craft Union and Urmas Veersalu were planning to beat this record at St Martin`s Fair on 7-10th November 2019, in Tallinn, Estonia.

They introduced this plan at national television ETV morning program “Terevisioon”.

Building reed crown

The reed crown was built for four days at St Martin`s Fair under the guidance of Urmas Veersalu. The record-breaking crown was crafted by about 1,000 people and made from 1,834 octagonal pieces.

Lithuanians had a reed crown with a length of 150 centimeters, while the Estonian reed crown had a length of 230 centimeters. That would be a multiple record.

Look a video about this interesting event! At the end You´ll see how the reed crown is measured.

Waiting for verification

Although the reed crown was measured, it takes time to get a response from Guinness World Records. The waiting times for a response can be up to 12 weeks.

In the meantime have a look at photos!

Reed crown in Helsinki

In 2015 we´re a partner in Finland to create a particularly large reed crown. The crown was completed with the help of nearly 1000 volunteers, was 8m high and 4m wide. The reed crown could be admired at the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki.